7 Time Management Tips for Better Work

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The most difficult aspect to maintain for working professionals is a healthy work-life balance. This means having a great job that pays well while being able to take out a sufficient amount of time for oneself, family and friends. However, many professionals struggle to maintain this balance. They never have enough time to finish all of their work and be able to go out for dinner or play with children or get enough sleep for that matter.  




Time management is extremely important to balance the home and job aspects satisfactorily. Below are few time management tips that can help you get more done in the limited available time while also enjoying life: 


1. Set a Realistic Schedule: Setting a proper schedule the night before itself works wonders to get all the stuff done without being overburdened. Have a to-do list ready before you start your day and cross off tasks once completed. This not only gives a sense of achievement but also offers motivation for the rest of the tasks. Make sure this schedule consists of realistic goals and not a plethora of tasks that you can never finish in a day and leave you drained and stressed by the end of your shift. 


2. Divide Larger Tasks into Smaller Ones: Break down a huge project into smaller pieces and work on them one by one. Again list down all these smaller parts and cross them off once completed so you know what is done and what is still pending. Breaking a big task into manageable segments will help your work finish faster and not overwhelm you providing some time for other areas of your interest. 


3. Allocate Some Time for Yourself: Take out some time to do things that you love or can benefit your health and family life. You can go for a walk, cook, go fishing or engage in any such activity that makes you feel fulfilled and also increases your energy levels. Also, work on spending some part of the day with friends and family as this will boost your morale, reduce tiredness and provide extra motivation for your job. 


4. Know your Best Hours: Some people work best in the morning while others are night owls who are more productive in the late hours. Understanding the timings when you function best can help you schedule the most tedious tasks during those timings and make you more productive. Working on tough tasks when your brain is completely focused can prove instrumental in finishing your work faster and more effectively. 


5. Try and Automate Repetitive Tasks: Repetitive work and errands can take off too much productive time from the day and, hence, are best automated or managed effectively. For instance, if you pay your bills at the store, you could be wasting a lot of time in queues. Instead, pay bills online or automate such repetitive transactions from your bank account so they never bother you. This will free up your precious time which can be used for other crucial tasks like spending time with your children.


6. Increase Productivity: Regular exercise and sufficient sleep can help boost your workplace productivity and make you more efficient in handling the most cumbersome tasks. While exercise improves alertness levels, good sleep offers mental clarity and prevents anxiety and stress. Being more productive will help complete your work earlier leaving more time for other areas of your life. 


7. Avoid Distractions: Make efforts to reduce time spent on unnecessary or useless work such as constantly checking emails, social media or regularly going through your phone. Lesser distractions mean faster work completion, better work performance and more time for yourself as well as family.

Though there is no set guide to achieve a great work-life balance, these tips can come handy in improving your way of working leaving some extra hours for home and other recreational activities. Implement practices that work best for you and help you accomplish more while paying equal attention to all important things in your life. 

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