8 Golden Rules of Mobile Design

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Due to the advancement in technology, there has been a tremendous increase in mobile phone users. People make use of mobile phones to access websites and perform other important tasks such as paying bills, shopping, surfing the internet. As per the statistics, almost 50 percent of internet traffic is being driven by mobile phones. Due to this reason, businesses need to create a responsive mobile design to offer users the best mobile experience. To make your mobile design more responsive and user friendly you need to work on every aspect of the mobile design such as the layout, templates, and speed of the website ad well as the way content can be adjusted in the small screen size o the mobile phones. Other than content there are many other things that you need to consider while creating a mobile design such as the navigation features of the website and avoidance of hurdles which can lead to loos of users. You should make sure that hurdles are less in your mobile design only then it will be able to attract more users on your website.


Given below are the golden rules which you need to follow to create interesting and responsive mobile design for your business:

1. Try to build goal-oriented experience: 

The mobile users who are accessing your website always have a specific objective to be accomplished. Try to design your website in such a way that the objective of the users is accomplished properly Navigation must be designed properly and accurately. Try to analyze the needs of the users and then fulfill them in the best possible manner. Also, try to maintain coordination between your objectives as well as the objectives of the visitors on your website.

2. Design your content in such a way that it looks attractive in a smaller space: 

Content is the most valuable part of a website. I t is one of the reasons why people visit your business website. Although in the case of mobile design it is not possible to provide users with the desktop experience you can enhance their mobile experience by designing your content in such a way that it looks attractive on small screen size. You should try to avoid horizontal scrolling as the users are more comfortable scrolling vertically. You need to make sure that users do not need to continuously zoom in or zoom out to read the consent.

3. Design predictable Navigation: 

Assisting the users in navigation is the topmost priority for every website. Without proper navigation, there is no use of creating attractive content. Due to this reason, your business needs to invest in designing a solid navigation system for your business website. For this you need to first limit the number of navigation options as this will make the functioning better and faster., make use of familiar navigation patterns for your business. You need to ensure that each navigation option has a clear and well-defined label.

4. Optimize your content for scanning: 

This is a very well-known fact that the users do not have a habit of reading the full information on the web rather they scan the content. Whenever a new visitor visits your website, the first scan the information into different parts as per your convenience. You can make this task easier by setting a proper order for your content and avoiding unnecessary information on your content. Make use of images and infographics to represent your information as this makes your text look more appealing and easier to read by the visitors.

5. Design efficient forms:

Form entry is one of the most prominent and essential activities on the internet. Forms help in increasing user engagement on your website and also helps you in understanding the needs of your customers properly. You should try to reduce the number of questions in your forms as a greater number of questions can lead to loos of visitor’s interest in your website. Minimize errors while designing forms and you should make sure that the process is automated and up to date. Mobile users usually like websites that offer an appropriate keyboard for the future.

6. Try to create a consistent experience:

Consistency is one of the most prominent pillars of user experience. Consistency is very essential to be maintained in the case of mobile design. You need to create an intuitive design to inculcate consistency you need to male your website strong both internally as well as externally. External consistency creates a consistent library of designs and asserts and use for all the pages. Whereas internal consistency ensures that the website designed by you is linked to a large product family.

7. Design the best mobile site for your business:

Designing the best mobile site for your business is very much essential as it will help in enhancing the number of visitors on your website. The main reason why you should invest in creating the mobile design for your best is the increase in several mobile users therefore it is very necessary to have a mobile site for your business growth and success. While designing the best mobile site for your business you need to take care of cost and the technological constraints that can change your designing process and other processes.

8. Avoid Creating Roadblocks:

Roadblocks are the hurdles in the websites which can destroy the website development process. These blocks are the things which can lead to loos of visitors to the website. Certain roadblocks can interrupt your website surfing process. Popups are also a source if roadblock for your business. They can make the user feel irritated and he or she may leave the website try to keep minimum popups. Some websites force users to form an account only then they can asses the website this can make them feel irritated and they might go from your website.


In today’s world, there is a high level of competition among businesses. Every business whether small or large is making use of the internet to expand its business. In such a case you need to have an attractive mobile application for your business to make it stand one step ahead of the competitors. The above stated golden rules will help your business design an effective mobile site and help you reach a wider section of the audience. Make sure you deliver effective navigation features in your website. You need getting be very particular about the templates and the themes used by you. You can take the help of efficient designers and website creators to design, mobile web for your business.


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