AI Features You Should Have in Your Next Android Application

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Mobile applications have changed the way businesses use to work earlier. These mobile applications help in making your business processes automated and user friendly. There are great innovations taking place in the field of mobile applications. With the help of the mobile application, your business can connect to customers on a global basis. The emergence of artificial intelligence has made mobile applications more advanced and featured rich. As the amount of competition has increased in the field of mobile application development you need to have some innovative and excellent features to be included in your mobile applications.


Given below are some of the essential features which your Android applications should include to be unique and innovative than your competitors. You need to use these features efficiently in your Android applications:

1. Face Detection

Face detections a very powerful AI-based feature of your android application. This feature allows your application to be secure and reduce the chances of fraud in your application. Face detection is a computer-based technology that makes your application and data safe and secure. This feature makes your application increase its usability and enhance user rates. This feature is very effective for payment-based applications. This feature can help to prevent fraud and errors with your data and other information.

2. Text Detection

Text recognition is standing for the detection of text presented in the form of images and videos from media files. Once we get to detect the text we can then, move towards understanding the meaning of ac thus is a very smart and active AI-based feature used in android applications/teal text by break it down into various segments and reveal the actual form of the text. This interactive feature is being used by gaming applications to make them more attractive and enhance the user experience.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are the robots used by the businesses to communicate with the visitors on the mobile application. These chatbots help the business to get better knowledge about the taste and preferences of the consumers and the recent trends periling in the market. Your chatbots should be advanced and user friendly. It should be designed in such a manner that it can easily solve the problems of the users and help them find the thing which they are looking for. Make sure you’re your user can get a real-time chat experience.

4. Customized Features

These days customization is a very important feature which your application should possess. The customized applications are those application helps you gain more user attention and make your brand more popular. Try to deliver those applications which are developed as per the user needs and requirements. Sometimes the customers want you to be proactive and unrested their needs and want at an early stage. Customized android applications help your business get a better market share and enhance its customer base

5. Speech Recognition

In this fast and digital world, everyone wants a mobile application in which they do not have to type long lines and paragraphs to search for a service or a product. You need to make sure that your Android application is equipped with a voice recognition feature. This feature makes it easy for users to search for their desired products or services easily. This feature wi make your application easily accessible by more number of people as some people feel more comfortable in voice search that the written one.

6. Landmark Detection

Landmark detection also male use of artificial intelligence and detect; landmark from an image. For example, you possess a business logo on your website and application. With the help of AI, you can easily scan all the landmarks in this image. This feature already exists in the Google Map Application. However, you can make use of this innovative and advanced feature in your android application and help your customers locate your business easily. This will help you increase the users of your Android application.


As we all know that consumers are very aware and techno-savvy thee days. They do not prefer to waste time standing in long ques to buy products, They prefer a business to have their mobile application on which they can easily find all details about the products and services they are looking for and can order the products from the application. While designing your Android mobile application you should make use of different features of artificial intelligence to make them more user friendly and robust. The above-stated features make your applications more advanced and help your business in getting an enhanced reputation and make your business more popular and advanced.

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