Tip to Become a Better Leader in 2020

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A good leader can greatly impact the success of a team as well as an organization. To be an effective leader, one needs to understand his motivations, strengths, and weaknesses and facilitate open communication, employee growth and open sharing of feedback. Effective leaders impact not only their team members but the company as a whole. Employees working under great leaders tend to be happier, more productive and more connected to their organization.




Below are a few leadership strategies that good leaders need to learn and incorporate:  


1. Engage in Honest, Open Communication: The most important element of effective leadership is creating an open line of communication with your team members and actually make efforts to listen and understand people. Honesty, transparency, and trust-building are key values that effective leaders operate on. Good leaders try and interact with each team member and deal with each situation or concern as per situational or individual requirements. Active communication and transparency help build trust amongst the team and improve employee morale.


2. Connect with your Team Members: Mutual trust and understanding are essential to lead any group of people. To achieve this, leaders need to connect with their team members in a more positive and empathetic manner. Building a personal connection with the teammates also helps develop accountability and improve work performance. One way to build a strong connection with team members is to get to know their personality, interests, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, and preferences. This information gives an insight into their goals and motivations and helps build confidence, responsibility, and accountability.


3. Encourage Personal and Professional Growth: An effective leader needs to be invested in the success and growth of his team members. Inspiring and applauding them for their good work plays a vital role in the team as well as individual success. Learn to provide continuous encouragement to the team to learn new skills and offer unique and challenging opportunities to all employees as per their capabilities so as to drive them towards success.


When leaders show confidence in their employees and give them the opportunity to learn and grow, they encourage freedom and creativity which helps the employees, as well as the team, taste some amazing success.


4. Keep a Positive Attitude: The way a leader handles a negative situation, be it some kind of miscommunication, dissatisfaction or a major error, says a lot about his leadership skills. A leader should be able to look beyond the immediate negative consequences of a situation and try to stay calm and positive to help employees learn and adopt a similar outlook. Focusing on the positive aspects can help identify a useful solution much sooner and create a more engaged and productive workforce.


5. Teach Instead of Giving Orders: Leaders should be able to assist others instead of simply giving orders for tasks. They should be competitive enough to be mentors to their employees and enforce a collaborative and committed work environment without showing authority or control. An authoritative leader might get things done but will not be able to engage with employees or earn their goodwill.


6. Set Clear Employee Expectations: Employee success comes from defining some clear objectives and expectations. As a great leader, you should help employees set proper goals for their future and revisit these goals at regular intervals so as to look at their achievement and areas of improvement. At the same time, explain the company vision to the employees and how they fit into that picture. This way you can collect their inputs, concerns, and expectations and improve engagement levels. When goals are clearly set and everyone knows how those goals impact the organization, it is easier to track progress and identify achievements in a tangible manner. Moreover, every employee should be able to articulate how their work supports the success of the company.


7. Provide Feedback: Direct and honest feedback, even if it requires criticism, helps guide your team in the right direction. Again, you should clearly understand your business direction and goals so you can give the right advice to your employees. In addition to providing constructive feedback and performance reviews, it is also essential to highlight employee accomplishments. Positive recognition and acknowledgment of success creates a productive environment and helps employees give more to the team and their work.


8. Ask for Feedback: A leader can also benefit from honest feedback from their fellow professionals and gain some necessary perspective on their leadership style and approach. Another helpful way is attending some leadership coaching that can help discover areas where you need improvement and develop a plan to achieve your leadership goals. Your team can provide some critical insights into your management style to help you achieve success.


9. Be Open to New Ideas: Good leaders should have the ability to accept change and constantly innovate while being open to unique perspectives. They should be open to new ideas and embrace every possibility and potential. They recognize that errors are inevitable, but it is always important to try and see what works and whatnot. Involving employees when solving a problem inspires innovation and enhances team engagement.


10. Find Your Motivation: To be an inspiring leader, one needs to know exactly what inspires him to lead and why he follows a certain leadership style. When someone wants to be in a leadership position for the right reasons, his actions reflect that attitude and affect the people surrounding him in a positive way. It also helps look for similar qualities in other people you hire for the team and become more skilled in your leadership style.


All in all, a good leader not only identifies and improves his own skills and personality but inspires others to work towards success and infuses confidence and leadership in his team members. He is adaptive, cooperative, interactive and dedicated to his role. Such qualities may take some time and experience to develop, but these are crucial to be the right kind of leader who strives for and leads towards the success of the team as well as its members.

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