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ROR Framework Development Company

At Galactic Global we develop dynamic and user friendly Ruby On Rails Applications as per your business requirementsRuby on Rails is framework which is mostly used for large scale applications. The usage of this framework depend upon the nature of your business. At Galactic Global we design powerful applications using ruby on rails platform. We posses a team of ROR framework developers who are expert in developing amazing, complex and challenging apps with robust, reliable back-end intuitive user interfaces. Our experts have successfully delivered various web application projects based on ROR framework platform adhering to clients requirements.

Our experienced ROR framework developers deliver effective web applications in a short span of time while the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture on Ruby on Rails (ROR) facilitates development of complete web application in form of separate layers.This makes the application development process faster and increases the functionality of the applications developed by us. At our company we work in close partnerships with different businesses and discuss innovative ideas with them to built user friendly applications for our clients. We design amazing, complex and challenging apps with a robust, reliable back-end, and a clean, intuitive user interfaces. Our skilled ROR framework developers have provided excellent Ruby on rails development services to our clients undertaking businesses in diverse sectors such e-commerce, e-learning, financial services, broadcasting and healthcare, etc.

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native mobile app technologies

ROR CMS Development

At Galactic Global we will provide with best Ruby on Rails Content Management development solutions as per your business requirements.

market coverage

Custom Web Applications

We posses a team of experienced professionals offering excellent Ruby on Rails web and application development services for your business.

hybrid mobile apps using react native

ROR web services

At Galactic Global we follow the Web 2.0 philosophy and provides highly interactive and user friendly ROR web services.

mobile ux/ui design

Porting and Migration

Do you require a news portals or a portal for internal business processes of your bossiness. Then contact us we are a leading Porting and Migration service providing company.

long-term maintenance

Staff Augmentation

We posses a team of experts offering professional staff Augmentation solutions to help you business in tracking the performance of your employees.

full-stack development

Widget & plug-in

Ruby on Rails makes it easy for your business to use and install plug-ins in your applications by offering a well defined structural framework.

At Galactic Global we posses a team of skilled Ruby on Rails web developers offering unique and innovative web development solutions as per your business requirements.

Our Ruby and Rail Developers are skilled ad dedicated. They are passionate about delivering the best services to their clients.

At Galactic Global you will enjoy complete 24 /7 professional support and maintenance services in the domain of Ruby and rail development.


What Makes Galactic Global Unique

Galactic advantages

01. Our Processes

The development process at Galactic is based on Agile methodologies and techniques such as scrum and other innovative technologies. With our regular technologies and live updates e make web development process easier and effective. We make sure that the processes are up to date.

02. Technology

At Galactic we use innovative tools and techniques to deliver the best technology-oriented solutions for your business. We design websites and mobile applications by using our latest technology.

03. Best Infrastructure

Galactic Global comes up with best infrastructural facilities and a conducive learning environment which makes it easy for the developers to design quality symfony based applications.

04. Best quality symfony solutions

At Galactic we offer best quality symfony based solutions for your business. We possess a team of expert professionals offering quality services for your every business-related requirement.

05. Hard working Team

The hard-working team of developers at Galactic Global Solutions are very talented and work with full dedication and as per the best of their knowledge to deliver quality solutions for your business.


What clients love in working
with Galactic

Amazing people

"They are people who are not only following the tasks, but can work as a team. Together."

Matthijs Piëst
Matthijs Piëst

COO at WieBetaaltWat

Pro-active attitude

“I love the fact that you spend time with us and that you ask the questions which go beyond solving problems.”

Nick Gold

Managing Director at Speakers Corner

Scaling-up abilities

“Their ability to scale easily without sacrificing performance or product quality stands out to us.”

Rafal Okninski

CTO at BrickVest

Communication skills

“They’re very responsive to any queries and are proactive in suggesting new ways to enhance our cooperation.”

Chief Architect


Quality-driven process

“There’s a huge amount of trust we have in their ability to deliver good-quality and reliable code. When talking about value, they are in a league of their own.”

Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles

Development Manager at Smartum

Technical skills

“The quality of the developers is outstanding. They added great value to the project and were significant producers for the achievements of our delivery dates.”

Michael Fussenegger

CTO at trommsdorff + drüner

Complete package

“We just provided the concept. They did design, planning, development, and continue to provide maintenance. They did everything.”

Yusuf Dashti

Co-Owner of Deliveryy

Pro-user approach

"The team has excellent intuition about how to positively impact users and make our app user-friendly.”

Simon Lemonnier

IT Project Manager at Weenect

Partnership approach

“We felt like we had a true partner throughout the process. They were clearly interested on our long-term success.”

Miłosz Baluś
Miłosz Baluś

CTO at Synerise

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